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Frequently Asked Questions


Has anyone used it for waxing?

Yes! I use it for at home Brazilian waxes and it works amazingly! Just be sure to liberally apply it a few hours in advance and then reapply every hour or so before hand. When I applied it 40 minutes before it worked alright but when I applied about three hours before I was AMAZING! I mean barely any pain at all. And I have a super low pain tolerance.

How long does the numbing last?

The numbing lasted for five hours but the relief lasted 24 hours.

Does the skin have to be broken for it to work? Also once applied can it be wiped off and remain numbing? (eg while getting a tattoo)

This product is designed for intact skin. Clean the area before applying. You should put it on 45min before the procedure and wrap in saran wrap. This will maximize the effectiveness of UBER NUMB.

How big of an area will the bottle cover?

I found that a little went a long way. The bottle only has an ounce of product, but it spreads quite easily. I did a thick layer over more than half of my lower back, and I'm not a small person, and repeated the process with a second layer, all with one bottle... and still have a little bit left over.

How long do you leave it on the skin before starting the tattoo?

I've heard anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. I started putting it on about an hour and a half before my tattoo. Put on a thin layer first and rub that into your skin, then put on a thicker layer, but don't really rub it in too much, then cover that thick layer with saran wrap and leave it on until you get tatted.

Can this numb cream useful for micro needling?

Yes, works great, wait at least 20 minutes and rinse with water before using the dermaroller.

Does it have an odor?

Almost none. We use it before attaching an insulin pump and then wipe with Alcohol before attaching. Takes away the insertion sting.

I don't believe it has any real odor. I love this product. This is great for instant pain relief.

So is this for tattoos or different pain. If for tattoos how well does it work and or does anyone recommend anything else?

I used it for my tattoo and it worked very well. I applied it 1.5 hours before going covered with plastic then put another coat on like 45 minutes later and it lasted for an hr. It started wearing off at the end and my area is big.

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